1P 056 - Magic the Gathering Challenge Decks

I hate retyping stuff, but here goes...

This episode I look at solitaire friendly CCGs.  In particular, I look at Magic: The Gathering which now has 2 challenge decks available and a 3rd on the way.
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1P 055 - A Spoild Victory: Dunkirk 1940

Today's episode is all about Hermann Luttman.  First I have a great discussion with Hermann about some of his solitaire designs.  Then I look at his latest solo game, A Spoiled Victory: Dunkirk 1940. Enough said.. on with the show!

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1P 054 - Free Trader

The latest episode of the show is on Free Trader, a print and play game about travelling through space and hauling goods.  This neat little card game uses a card driven mechanic to control a lot of the flow of the game.  I take a brief look at the mechanic and how it is used in a few different games, focusing on the evolving complexity as you go from game to game.

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1P 053 - Robinson Crusoe

Welcome to the latest episode. This show, I look at the game Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island by Ignacy Trzewiczek.  This is a co-operative worker placement game in which your character is stuck on an island somewhere and have to work to survive.  This is a BIG game and there is a lot to say about it... fortunately I keep it brief.

I also try to convince you that you may want to play co-operative games by controlling multiple characters.

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1P 052 - S.O.S. Titanic

This episode is on the new game by Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc. The game is a cooperative/solo game on the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912.  However, this game is really just a variant of the classic solitaire card game which I just remembered is sometimes called Klondike...doh!  Anyway, as I said, it is just a variant, but one that I found made the game MUCH better than the original.  The theme and mechanics work very very well together and make this game much more than the sum of its parts.

Also, I briefly step into the future and look back at "important" solitaire games.

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1P 051 - Steam

This is a game I've been wanting to talk about for a long time.  I finally got it out and played it solo again, in part because of the relatively new (as of last September) SoloPlay variant.  But not only do I play that variant, I also try out three solitaire specific maps and have a lot of fun with it.

I also do my annual look back at last year's gaming.

Looking back
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1P 050 - Navajo Wars

Welcome to episode 50!  It's amazing that I have gotten this far and there seems to be no shortage of games to talk about.  This time, I look at Navajo Wars by Joel Toppen.  I also talk to Joel about the game.  It's a very interesting discussion.

Navajo Wars on BGG
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1P 049 - Dawn of the Zeds

Once again it's braiiins time here on the 1 Player podcast. This time, we look at Victory Point Games take on the theme with the States of Siege, Dawn of the Zeds, designed by Hermann Luttmann.  This is one of the biggest most complex States of Siege game so far.  You get tons of options and variety and decisions to make all with fantastic graphic design.

I also go over the typical news, a donation option on the webpage, the many winners of the 2013 Solitaire Print & Play design contest.  I also cover the November hot games, courtesy of SGoyT geeklist (Solitaire Games on your Table).

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1P 048 - Dungeon Heroes

I am in the midst of moving this week.  I don't have much time for a show but this one is surprisingly long.  I talk to Todd R from French Toast Games about Spell Saga.  This is a Tabletop Novel he has on Kickstarter right now.  That's a narrative told in the form of a card game.  I also look at Dungeon Heroes by Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games.  Dungeon Heroes is a neat little dungeon crawler that can be played solo in about 10 or 15 minutes.

I hope the audio works this time.

Spell Saga on Kickstarter
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1P 047 - Cuba Libre

This month's game is Cuba Libre.  This is a game I've been really excited about playing for a long time.  If finally came out about a month ago and I've been learning,playing and enjoying it the last few weeks.  This is the 2nd or 3rd game in GMT's COIN series and is co-designed by Volko Ruhnke & Jeff Grossman.  The game is about the Cuban Revolution of the 1950's.

This episode I also do some armchair travelling and visit Essen, Germany for Spiel 2013.  Since I am a bit early, this is just a quick quick glimpse of some of the solo friendly games coming out this year.

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